Updated: 12/26/2013
Steve has been in training and development for the retail, industrial, & foodservice industries since the early 70’s.  Management was the initial emphasis, but sales/marketing eventually became his forte'.

Along with his wife Debbi, they  owned several coffee/gift shops and currently operate an eBay auction site, eBay store and their own website.
Instructor - Steve Mills
If you need individual coaching, please contact us for more details.

Free introduction to eBay for groups.

Have fun, meet new friends, clean your closets
sell on eBay and
make money!!
Need help making ends meet?

Need a part-time job but want to stay home with the family?

Got something great to sell and don't know where to start?

eBay can be the  answer
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Education Offerings:

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BASICS OF SELLING – Course Trained by eBay

If you've been buying on eBay, and want to learn how to sell, or
simply pick up new tips, this is the right class for you.

Introduction to eBay
Current & upcoming changes to eBay
Understand the size and selling opportunities of eBay
Registering on eBay
Setting up a Seller account
Learn what items might be forbidden on eBay
Researching the eBay marketplace
Choosing an item to sell
Listing factors to be considered on items you wish to sell
Description and photos, benefits of digital
Create effective photos, good and bad
Pricing strategies
Buy It Now /Auction/Reserve/Fixed Price – duration
Why PayPal is a good option to use
Write a good title & description for your item
Determine shipping, return policies and payment options
Packing and shipping tips
Monitor your eBay listings
Steps to complete the sale, how do you get your money
What are eBay fees for seeling
Use My eBay and find help, using the eBay community

BASICS OF BUYING (Trained by eBay)


1.Getting Started Shopping on eBay

2.Comparing prices, Buying and Bidding

3.My eBay and Other Help

BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS (Beyond the Basics)(Trained by eBay)

If you've been selling on eBay occasionally, and want to learn how to get the most out of your listings, this is the right class for you.

• Start and/or grow an eBay-based business
Setting goals
Business tenets
• Finding merchandise to sell
Deciding what to sell -Researching eBay
Sourcing merchandise
Prohibited & Restricted items
• Developing a Business Strategy
Your competitors
Organized, not overwhelmed
• Listings and tools
Seller Central
Pricing strategy
Stand out with Customer-Friendly features
• Use eBay Listing Tools
Turbo Lister
eBay tool finder
• Benefits of an eBay Store
Customize your store
Items best for eBay store
Finding merchandise on and off eBay
• Market your business and yourself
Attracting attention
Customer Service
Tried and true marketing techniques
• Managing your listings
Active listing
Sold listings
Unsold listings
• Beyond today