Updated: 3/8/2017
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Steve has been in training and development for the retail, industrial, & foodservice industries since the early 70’s.  Management was the initial emphasis, but sales/marketing eventually became his forte'. 

Along with his wife Debbi, they  owned several coffee/gift shops and currently operate an eBay auction site, eBay store and their own website.
Instructor - Steve Mills
If you need individual coaching, please contact us for more details.
Personal Coaching.

Free introduction to eBay for groups. 

Have fun, meet new friends, clean your closets
sell on eBay and 
make money!!
Need help making ends meet?

Need a part-time job but want to stay home with the family?

Got something great to sell and don't know where to start?

eBay can be the  answer 
I am willing and able to bring this learning experience to your town.

Contact me to work out the details.


I like to have fun in class, so if you prefer a boring, monotone presentation, this may not be the one for you.

What eBay is and what it isn’t.
What is a "seller" on eBay?
Safety and security 
How to develop your eBay identity and more
How do you use the eBay platform
PayPal, what level do you need to be?

  • Compare prices, competition
  • Sellers (TRS, Feedback %, DSR why leave feedback
  • Shipping, packing, methods
  • return policies
  • General business policies
  • Search, detailed or browsing, refining search
  • Advanced search (extra benefits)
  • How buy helps you determnine how to sell
  • Selling methods, fees
  • Auctions
  • Buy It Now
  • Fixed Price
  • Reserves
  • Best Offer
  • Ask Buyer/Seller a question (FAQ)
  • Researching more answers
  • Keeping tabs on your order
  • What should you expect from a buyer or seller
  • What if I have a problem? 
  • Contact buyer/seller
  • Contact eBay, PayPal, fees
  • How do you sign up?
  • What is a safe password?
  • What is the eBay Community
  • Discussion boards, Forum

Basics Class Outline
Instructor trained by eBay
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Class Notes

I make this class much more than Basic and I really want to see you succeed in selling on eBay, so attending this class gives you 90 day e-mail support on the topics covered.  

The class itself is 3.5 to 5 hours long depending on class interaction. The actual location may change based on the class size, but I will notify registered students in advance and it will not be a big mileage difference, just room capacity change.

The price ($99) is for each student in an open class. The distance I will travel to a class depends on the attendance.  If you want a private class or one for your business, please contact me so we can discuss the details. 

If the time and date are not good for you, let me know your interest so I can notify you of the next class close to you. 

Bring extra students with you. Both you and they each get a $10 discount.

If you do not have basic computer skills, contact me for assistance in advance. We will have to make a few adjustments so you can get the most from the class and not slow the pace down

Sorry, I do not want personal computers to be used during class unless it is a private class. They distract from the overall class and we appreciate your understanding.
Confirm your place in class by paying in advance.

Payment can be made through PayPal to: Steve@bedfordtradingpost.com

If credit card or cash is preferred contact me at the same address