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Updated: 12/31/2023

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Custom, hand-made photo albums with an attention to quality and detail.  Standard size holds 4" by 6" pictures in acid free sleeves. Larger sizes are available by special order, as are albums with special fabrics.

Contact us for pricing and availability at or click on our link "Arts & Crafts" above left. Custom Made Photo Albums

Bedford Trading Post is a business run by hometown values but in a global marketplace. Each customer, whether right around the corner or in a distant country will be treated as a neighbor and a family friend. 
    In addition to consulting businesses and individuals we currently do most of our business through eBay.  We encourage you to learn more about us and how we conduct our business. The internet is a great marketing tool but can easily seem cold and remote. We want to make it as personable as possible, so please contact us with any questions, concerns or just to get to know us better.
Bedford Trading Post
We offer training by an Education Specialist  trained by eBay
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Need a way to make ends meet? 

Maybe you want to start a part-time or even full-time e-Commerce business.

Bedford Trading Post has an eBay Education Specialist, trained by eBay on staff to help.  

We also have years of retail experience to draw from and easy to use software and web hosting to develop your own site. 
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