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Updated: 12/23/2016

Bedford Trading Post
The most profitable way to sell on eBay is to do it yourself, and we would be happy to teach you through our education program but in the case that you do not have the time or inclination to jump in, we may be able to help.

We would first want to discuss what items you have, what your goals are and do some research to let you know what to expect.   Because of the amount of time and effort involved, we are only able to accept  estates, collections or items with a projected selling price over $100.
In most cases it is necessary to take possession because our name and reputation is on the line when we list the item.  From our feedback rating of 100%, you can be assured that we take it very seriously.

We research, take pictures, make up a listing, determine a starting price and answer questions during the auction period (usually 7 days). In certain circumstances, we may also post your items in our store for 30 days.

After the sale we collect the money, package and mail the items.  With most sales, the buyer pays the postage, but if insurance is warranted, it is paid by the seller.  In this case, we will split the costs, since it protects both of us.

Upon successful delivery of the item, we will issue you a check for your earnings or pay you monthly depending on what we set up originally.  That amount is dependent on how you want something listed, at what price and our commission. For more details please
contact us.
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